Smear for Smear

Smear for Smear

Hi everyone

I hope you’re all had a great week! Today I wanted to touch on something that I’ve seen all over social media the past week in the hope that maybe too I can make a difference.

In the UK we are very fortunate o be offered many services for free. Of course you may choose to go private and that is your choice. When a woman turns 25, you receive the letter that we probably all dread. You are now eligible for a smear test. Not gonna lie, I dreaded turning 25 for this very reason. I cannot cope with anything medical related. I pretty much pass out at the sight of blood so don’t call me in an emergency. Even just the thought of having to go to the doctor makes me feel ill.

So naturally when I received the letter and realised what it meant, I become light-headed and had to lie down for quite some time. I was terrified at the prospect because of what other people told me about the smear. They said it would hurt, that it was a horrible experience and some even told me there was unlikely to be anything wrong with me so don’t bother going. Of course this terrified me even more. I then made the mistake of looking up the symptoms and became paranoid that something was wrong.

Long story short I booked a test. The earliest one I could get was an afternoon appointment so I barely got any work done because I was so scared and nervous. When I eventually got to the doctors I was shaking and I was a nervous wreck. I admit when the nurse beckoned me in I burst into tears. And bless her she was fine about it. She didn’t tell me I was being silly and to pull myself together. She even offered to just have a chat about it and then I could come back another day when I had all the facts. But I decided as I was there I would rather get it over and done with. She slowly went though the procedure so I knew exactly what would happen.

Now I won’t go into all the details but I will tell you this. It didn’t hurt. It was uncomfortable but not in a painful way. I didn’t bleed afterwards which is what I was worried about. It was over in seconds. And the best part? I felt so proud of myself that I had gone and got it done. Believe me, those that know me will know how difficult it was for me to force myself to go. Of course I still had the results to worry about. But wouldn’t you agree it’s better to get checked and get any issues sorted early on than to put it off?

Thankfully I was fine and I had no issues. But not everyone is so lucky. So many young girls don’t want to get the test done because they’re embarrassed or because they’ve listened to the wrong people. It’s better to have 30 seconds of embarrassment than a lifetime of regret.

So when that letter comes don’t just stuff it in a drawer out of sight. Get that appointment booked and get checked (and make sure you treat yourself to chocolate afterwards). I promise you won’t regret it.

I hope my experience has helped someone out there. Whether it’s given you courage to go or helped in some small way then please leave me a comment below.

Until next time,

Tasha xx


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